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Exposure Assessment

The Exposure Assessment Specialty Group (EASG) is comprised of SRA members who are interested in the role of exposure assessment in risk analysis. The group promotes and fosters independent and collaborative research in all facets of exposure science to advance the state of the art and serves as a resource to the Society in matters concerning the role of exposure in risk analysis. A clear understanding of exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, or physical hazards is vital to the risk assessment process. The exposure assessment community—consisting of engineers, chemists, toxicologists, biologists, environmental scientists, epidemiologists, statisticians, and many other disciplines—seeks to identify and quantify the world’s myriad environmental stressors and place them in a proper risk context. We do this through environmental monitoring, biomonitoring, dosimetry, development and application of exposure models and exposure factors, and epidemiological research.

EASG would like to congratulate the winner of our annual Student Merit Award. Mona Dai, a Ph.D. student at Harvard University, working with a team from EPA and other institutions, developed a data visualization tool that enhances the utility of EPA’s ExpoFIRST exposure assessment model. The tool was then applied to assessments of children’s exposure to manganese and endosulfan sulfate. A paper is set for publication soon. Congratulations to Mona for the award! If you are a student doing research in the exposure assessment field, consider submitting an abstract for the 2020 SRA Annual Meeting, and be sure to identify the EASG as a specialty group that relates to your work.