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Sra Presidents 1984
The first three Presidents of SRA, Robert Cumming (1981-82), Chris Whipple (1982-83), and Paul Slovic (1983-84), gather at the 1984 Annual Meeting in Knoxville, Tennessee.

SRA was founded on August 28, 1980 and the first issue of Risk Analysis: An International Journal appeared in March of 1981. As part of the 25th anniversary in 2005, a history of the Society was commissioned and published in the journal. Some of the references compiled for the history are provided below. Kim Thompson, Ph.D., one of the authors of the history and an SRA Past President, delivered a plenary address on the history of SRA at the 2005 SRA Annual Meeting, which is available here: Interdisciplinary Vision: 25 Years of Work in Progress.


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List of SRA Presidents, 1981-2019

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